Google introduces verified pages on the social network Google+

Google has added new pointers (with the help of which it is possible to verify the identity of users of the social network "Google+") thereby significantly expanding the functionality of its social network.

Verification badges will enable you to be sure that your interlocutor on the network is exactly the person whose data is listed in the profile.

Such an innovation can be very useful for various famous people who communicate with fans through social media. network or for official pages like a support service or corporate blog. Now only the above categories of Google+ clients can use the new functionality. But soon the verification service will be available to many. And if you are interested in Internet voting, go to the site buy votes contest.

Representatives of Google said that this innovation is aimed precisely at separating the genuine pages of famous people from their clones and imitators. A company representative said that when you enter one of the stars on the page, you should see an icon there confirming that the page is official. It is unclear how many users now have such badges.



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