Wedding in Paris

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Paris has always been considered a city where the brightest feelings flourish. Perhaps there is no couple in love who does not dream of getting married in this mysterious and fabulous place.

A striking combination of simplicity and luxury, bohemian chic and quiet, romantic atmosphere will reveal the brightest impulses of feelings and will be an excellent decoration for your amorous story.

A wedding ceremony in Paris is not a cheap pleasure, but does it really matter when we talk about a dream? The Russian-speaking agency will give you the opportunity to have a wedding in this wonderful city according to any scenario you like, take care of all the little things and plan the celebration in detail. Whether your wedding ceremony in Paris will be a lavish celebration on a royal scale or a quiet celebration for two — you decide paris wedding planner.


Important benefits of a wedding in Paris

A city as amazing as Paris does not need additional advertising — famous poets, writers, artists and musicians have done it for us long ago. Every street and every house here inspire great deeds in the name of Love, for the sake of which it is worth overcoming all obstacles. A rich cultural heritage, amazingly beautiful architecture and long-term traditions will make your wedding unforgettable. Moreover, getting married in Paris will be the best start to an experience-filled honeymoon.

Many lovers consider the main advantages of a wedding in Paris:

  • exquisite wedding menu;
  • aged wines with an extraordinary bouquet and aroma;
  • striking and unobtrusive setting;
  • famous architectural monuments — the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles and many others;
  • original and vivid scenario of a wedding celebration.
  • Wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower — love above the sky

When thinking about a wedding in Paris, first of all, many imagine a wedding ceremony near the main symbol of the city — the Eiffel Tower. The ceremony itself can be held both at the base of the legendary building, and in one of the restaurants or hotels overlooking the tower. A beautiful photo session and a leisurely trip in a retro car along Parisian streets will fill up the impressions of the chic ceremony. Such a wedding ceremony will be remembered decades later.

The romance of the old chapel

If you continue to believe in fairy tales, it is best to have a wedding in a cozy and romantic setting with the gentle sounds of the harp in the hall of the popular Parisian chapel. This architectural monument of the century before last will give you the opportunity to move to another era, where love and romance reign.

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