Facebook accused of using children for promotional purposes

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In New York, a lawsuit was filed against the world-famous social network Facebook. The company is accused of using the names of minors, avatar photos and their “Like” marks without the appropriate permission of their parents. Facebook has been using a series of social marketing products since November 2007.

These tools are related to the comments and notes of the user’s friends on public pages and other actions performed by users of the “vertical complex” social network.

Thanks to such data, the company personalizes all advertising messages: advertising of any objects is relevant for the user if these objects are of interest to his friends. Also, “Like” tags, names and photos left by users under the age of 18 are illegally applied the purpose of advertising and promoting a wide variety of products, without the permission of the guardians or parents of user data. By the way, if you are interested in buy and win contest, go to onlinepollservice.com.

All Facebook users can control whether other participants can view their recordings on the wall surface using the appropriate settings. However, restrictions on the display of user names and “likes” on public pages. In addition to everything, the claim document mentions the New York Civil Rights Law, which prohibits the use of photographs of people for advertising without the consent of his or his parents, or people performing guardianship. Plaintiffs ask Facebook for the proceeds from the commercial use of their data.

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